Class of 1978

Click on a name to view registration details: (Alumni: 20; Guests: 12; Children: 2)
Mr. William Anderson "Bill"; Guest(s): Mrs Margaret Coles Anderson;
Mr. Marshall Bates "Marshall"
Mr. Mark Bearden "Mark"; Guest(s): Ms. Janet Ferrell;
Mrs. Victoria Blackford "Tory" (Kerewich); Guest(s): Mr. William Blackford;
Mr. Wiser Brown "Wiser"; Guest(s): Debbie Brown; Child(ren): David, Matt
Mrs. Anne Bryant "Anne" (Wood)
Mr. David Charlton "David"; Guest(s): Mrs. Laurie Charlton;
Dr. K. Brewer Doran Phd "Brewer"
Mr. David Eckert "Dave"
Mr. Michael Ganey "Mike"; Guest(s): Judith Ganey;
Mr. John Greenwood "Eric"; Guest(s): Mrs. Mary Jane Greenwood;
Mr. Mark Johnson "Mark"
Ms. Marilyn Johnson "Marilyn"; Guest(s): Virginia Johnson;
Mr. Philip Knisely "Phil"; Guest(s): Mrs. Pattie Knisely;
Ms. Madeleine Ludlow "Missie" (Weigel); Guest(s): Benjamin Ludlow;
Ms. Lynn MacMillan "Lynn"
Mr. Kevin Ramundo "Kevin"
Mr. Bruce Schall "Bruce"; Guest(s): Nancy Schall;
Mr. James Wheat III "Jimmy"; Guest(s): Remy Wheat;
Ms. Ann Wilkerson "Ann"

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Alumni Services Office
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University of Virginia
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Darden School of Business
University of Virginia
PO Box 7726
Charlottesville, VA  22906-7726