Class of 1998

Click on a name to view registration details: (Alumni: 41; Guests: 23; Children: 28)
Mrs. Mari Benavides "Mari" (Capestany); Guest(s): Mr Felipe Benavides; Child(ren): Isabella Benavides, Alejandro Benavides
Mr. J. Bleckley "Todd"; Guest(s): Ms. Nina Bleckley;
Ms. Elaine Blodgett "Lainie"
Mr. Alexander Bocock "Alex"
Ms. Christine Boehning "Christine" (Reardon)
Mrs. Susan Bowen "Susan"; Guest(s): Mr Bobby Bowen;
Mr. Austin Brockenbrough IV "Austin"
Ms. Kirsten Brown "Kirsten"; Guest(s): Hollis Rose Brown; Alexander Brown; Child(ren): Hollis Rose Brown, Alexander Gordon Brown
Mr. Silas Byrne "Silas"
Ms. Rebecca Carpenter "Rebecca"
Mr. Charles Cole Jr. "Taylor"; Guest(s): Mrs. Hobby Cole;
Ms. Connie Dunlop "Connie" (Whittaker); Guest(s): Sean Dunlop; Child(ren): Emma Dunlop, Elizabeth Dunlop
Mr. Nathan Dupree "Nathan"
Mr. Roy Dykes "Roy"
Mr. Warren Estey "Warren"; Guest(s): Linda Estey; Child(ren): Madeline Estey, Alexander Estey
Mr. Thomas Feldmann "Tom"; Guest(s): Mrs Deborah Feldmann; Child(ren): Edward Feldmann, Matthew Feldmann
Mr. Luke Fichthorn IV "Luke"
Ms. Elizabeth Flanagan "Betsy"
Ms. Cassandra Freire "Casey"; Guest(s): Mr. Otavio Freire; Child(ren): Alex Freire, Sam Freire,  Thomas Freire
Mr. David Galper "David"; Guest(s): Holly Galper; Child(ren): Madeleine Galper, Claire Galper
Ms. Tracy Giovanoni "Tracy"
Ms. Jacqueline Hampton "Jacqueline"
Mr. Peter Harris "Peter"; Guest(s): Dana Harris;
Mr. David Howarth "David"; Guest(s): Mrs Meredith Howarth; Child(ren): Morgan Howarth, Harrison Howarth
Mr. Myron Jacobs "Myron"; Guest(s): Claudette Jacobs;
Mr. Robert Kirkpatrick "Robert"; Guest(s): Mrs. Stacy Kirkpatrick; Child(ren): Kaitlyn Kirkpatrick, Connor Kirkpatrick
Ms. Joanna Larson "Joanna" (West)
Ms. Patricia Loria "Patricia" (Loria); Guest(s): Mr Keith Loria; Child(ren): Jordan, Cassidy
Mr. Fernando Merce "Fernando"; Guest(s): Kelly Merce; Child(ren): Sebastian Merce, Coleman Merce
Mr. Kenneth Monroe III "Ken"; Guest(s): Mrs. Allison Monroe; Child(ren): Kenny Monroe, Mary Allison Monroe
Mr. Robert Onsi "Bob"; Guest(s): Mrs Ellison Onsi;
Ms. Caren Pasquale Seckler "Caren Pasquale Seckler " (Pasquale )
Mr. Paul Reeder "Paul"; Guest(s): Mrs. Jo Reeder;
Mrs. Susan Stone "Susan" (Cosgrove)
Mr. Ted Wang "Ted"; Guest(s): Ms. Yi-ching Lee; Child(ren): Eric Wang, James Wang
Mrs. Jennifer Welgos "Jenny"
Ms. Andrea White "Andrea"
Mr. Chris Wixom "Chris"; Guest(s): Dr Barbara Wixom; Child(ren): Haley Wixom, Hannah Wixom
Ms. Caroline Worrall "Caroline"
Mrs. Stewart Yeargin "Stewart" (Mccutchen)
Mr. William Young "Bill"; Guest(s): Sabra Young; Child(ren): Davis Young, Liza Young

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Darden School of Business
University of Virginia
PO Box 7726
Charlottesville, VA  22906-7726