MBA for Executives 2008

Click on a name to view registration details: (Alumni: 22; Guests: 9; Children: 5)
Ms. Laura Burcin "Laura"; Guest(s): Mr. William Burcin;
Mr. Eugene Cattie "Gene"; Guest(s): Mrs. Kelli Cattie; Child(ren): Mason Cattie, Ethan Cattie, Katelyn Cattie
Ms. Kyle Cerminara "Kyle"
Mr. Murali Chemudupati "Murali"; Guest(s): Mrs. Annapurna Chemudupati; Child(ren): Risheek, Shriya
Mr. Gregory Conran "G. Christian"
Mr. Mark Danzenbaker "Mark"; Guest(s): Mrs Rebecca Danzenbaker;
Mr. Emmett Delaney "Emmett"
Mr. Nathaniel Faulkner "Lee"
Mr. John Flippen Jr. "John"
Mr. Michael Gaffney "Mike"; Guest(s): Lise Willingham;
Mr. Evan Inra "Evan"; Guest(s): Mrs. Laura Inra;
Mr. Jawahar Jaddu "Jawahar"
Ms. Pace Lochte "Pace"
Mr. Ronald Matthews "Ron"
Mr. Brendan McCormick "Brendan"
Ms. Melissa Monk "Melissa"
Ms. Davina Myers "Davina"; Guest(s): Talmon Knochenmus;
Dr. Jayson Rieger "Jayson"; Guest(s): Rieger Elissa;
Mrs. Angela Ross "Angela Ross"
Mr. David Strite "Dave Strite"
Mr. Ajey Tatake "Ajey"
Mr. Song Yi "Song"; Guest(s): Mrs. Helen Yi;

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Alumni Services Office
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University of Virginia
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Darden School of Business
University of Virginia
PO Box 7726
Charlottesville, VA  22906-7726