MBA for Executives 2012

Click on a name to view registration details: (Alumni: 33; Guests: 18; Children: 9)
Mr. Joseph Basar "Joe"
Dr. Rose Blackburne M.D. "Rose"
Mr. Nickolay Bochilo "Nickolay"; Guest(s): Martha Bochilo;
Mr. Walter Crenshaw V "Walter"; Guest(s): Karen Crenshaw;
Mr. Brenton Diller "Brent"; Guest(s): Talhia Tuck;
Ms. April Fearnley "April"; Guest(s): Mr. Dennis Monahan; Child(ren): Elizabeth Monahan
Mr. Timothy Flanigan "Tim"; Guest(s): Katie Flanigan;
Mr. Jason Handy "Jason"; Guest(s): Mrs Amy Handy;
Ms. Kristen Heavener "Kristen"
Mr. Shaun Hunter "Shaun"; Guest(s): Mrs Sarah Hunter;
Ms. Courtney Johnston "Courtney"; Guest(s): Mr Daniel Stux;
Mr. George Koshy "George"
Ms. Meredith Lawrence "Meredith"
Mr. Robert Liebe "Bob"; Guest(s): Mrs. Jodie Liebe;
Mr. Pietr Lindahl "Pietr"
Mr. Justin Massey "Justin"; Guest(s): Molly Massey;
Mr. James McArdle "Jimmy"; Child(ren): Cecily Mcardle
Mr. Ashutosh Mehndiratta "Ashu"
Mr. Gary Mizhir "Gary"; Guest(s): Mrs. Laura Mizhir; Child(ren): Nate Mizhir, Alex Mizhir
Mr. Jeff Nelson "Jeff"
Ms. Kristen O'Kane "Kristen"
Mr. Stephen Pavlick "Stephen"
Ms. Catherine Potter "Catherine"; Guest(s): Carl Waltrip;
Mrs. Kavita Sadarangani "Kavita"
Mr. Andrew Stanley "Andrew"; Guest(s): Jessie Stanley;
Mrs. Laura Terry "Laura"; Guest(s): Mr. Michael Terry;
Mr. David Todd "David"; Guest(s): Mrs. Tera Todd; Child(ren): Katherine Josephine Todd
Mr. John Wheeler IV "John"
Mr. Sven Wierzbicki "Sven"; Guest(s): Claudia Wierzbicki; Child(ren): Ben Wierzbicki, Greta Wierzbicki
Ms. Catherine Williams "Catherine" (Sewell); Guest(s): Chris Williams Md; Child(ren): Charlie Sewell, Hayden Sewell
Mr. Christopher Wood "Chris"; Guest(s): Mrs Leslie Wood;
Mr. Choonghor Woon "Ch"
Ms. Souzanne Wright "Souzanne"

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Alumni Services Office
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University of Virginia
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Darden School of Business
University of Virginia
PO Box 7726
Charlottesville, VA  22906-7726